Introduction of at a Glance is IoT-enabled Automation, Robotics and 'Hard Fintech' in Connected Real Estate Scenarios.
As you can read in our general introduction in more detail (click here for that), this is an experimental technology solution serving two main objectives:
1. Home and neighborhood robotics with an emphasis on security and deliveries
2. Community process automation (overhead metrics and automatic cost / revenue settlement)

Nothing can be bought or sold here, no actual service is provisioned and registrations are not generally available either. also does not provide any advertising services - neither paid, nor via link exchange agreements. The purpose of this web site is to demonstrate the capabilities of the solution scope at multiple technology competitions in Europe and in the USA. is also not open for general, purely financial external venture capital funding.
(These points are further detailed in the About section of the Home menu item.)

Prospective beneficiaries of these services are divided into distinct segments as:
1. Single family house owners
2. Neighborhood communities
3. Commercial facility users
4. Municipalities and security / defense providers

Single Residential Membership

Free trial

Demo available!
  • Tracking simulated energy consumption
  • Featuring Voice U.I.
  • Simulated event history
  • Updates on progress and planned go-live dates
  • Easy conversion to real account after go-live
  • No test hardware available
  • No support of any kind
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Combined Real Estate Membership

Free trial

To be introduced!
  • Living communitiess innovation
  • Unlimited use of B2C functions
  • Accelerated roll-out plan
  • Multi-level support
  • Live benchmarks
  • Security access to all files
  • Allowed to be exclusing per sale

B2B Membership

Free trial

To be introduced!
  • Providers of energy and public utilities
  • Small and medium sized businesses
  • Insurance companies
  • Service providers at sharing economy
  • Real estate rental buesinesses
  • Commodity brokers
  • Allowed to be exclusing per sale

Government Entities

Free trial

To be introduced!
  • 2 years access to all storage locations
  • Unlimited storage
  • Limited download quota
  • Real estate rental businesses
  • Commodity brokers
  • Unlimited access to all files
  • Allowed to be exclusing per sale